*the x-files theme plays*

scullyvalentineyes, I am excited about new X-Files episodes, thank you to the many people that told me. I fucking love the X-Files. I love it. Every second. Scully and Mulder are my OTP and I have three X-Files Posters, 2 action figures, 2 shirts, all the comics, the barbies and Gillian Anderson’s autograph. YES I’M PUMPED. Original cast members involved? Yes, good news. Chris Carter involved? Tell me more. WILL THE ORIGINAL THEME SONG BE INVOLVED!?!! Time will tell. No word on an episode release date yet but I am hoping Β this fall because that would be rad as HELL.

once I even cosplayed Scully


also I met Gillian Anderson in 2013 and talked to her and it was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.


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