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I Watched Neopets Descend Into Hell And All I Got Was A Nightmare About Guy Fieri

AS YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY HEARD, The filters on Neopets forums stopped working last night, and according to rumor, all the mods were fired. Neopets owner Lord Jumpstart released a statement this morn saying that wasn’t the case but I’m starting to think Lord Jumpstart lies after hearing rumors of mods confirming they were fired and saying that Jumpstart was

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Waifu: Sailor Venus

Haven’t done a Waifu post in a while, so I’ll talk about the most mature of the original Sailor Scouts, Sailor V. Sailor Venus was the first Sailor Scout. Not the first one we got to know, that was Sailor Moon, but before Sailor Moon even knew what was going on, Sailor V was there, fighting crime. Why is she

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