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waifu: miia

If you’re familiar with Monster Musume, then you’ve probably picked a fav Monster Girl. If you’ve picked anyone but Miia, you’re wrong. Miia the Lamia (Snake Girl) is not only gorgeous but out of the monster girls featured in the series, she’s the most interesting. Lemme’ tell you about my snake wife.

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manga: idol dreams volume 2

Hey!!! So I def mentioned Idol Dreams before back when I first read Volume 1, and I’m still in love with it. For anyone that liked any teen girl drama manga (Like Peach Girl) this is totally the new manga series for you. It’s a good magical girl series for adults. Weeeeellll, not exactly magical girl, but it has that

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Springtime Easy Listenin!

Hey you cool cats, I’m here today to talk about the band LAKE. They’re a lo-fi indie group hailing from Olympia, Washington. They’ve been a thing since about ’05 with Ashley Eriksson and Eli Moore heading the band with primary vocals. You might have heard some of their work on Adventure Time. A version of “Christmas Island” has been the end

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