Why I Support Chasecon Expo

Hey dudes. There’s some posts going around about boycotting Chasecon Expo. I know we frequently post about the event here, but by no means am I biased towards the event. I am friendly to everyone, and I’ve never been paid to say/post anything. As just a regular friendly person who talks to everyone, I gotta’ say I know this convention is a positive thing for the community.

The offended parties at the source of the boycott even feel as though the issue is in the past. I won’t post screenshots or quotes or name names, but I’ve had conversations with past and current guests and employees of Chasecon expo, and everyone who’s had a past argument feels as though it’s over and there’s no need to be spiteful. 

So why the boycott all of the sudden? 

Not sure. It could be an act of Upstate New York boredom or maybe some people do feel as though they’ve been hurt. My question is though, why would you rather slander a convention than bring up your issues privately with the guy in charge?

A convention is meant to be good for the community, it’s meant to be a good place to meet friends with similar interests. Instead of slandering the owner, maybe take you issues up with him. Don’t ruin this for the already small and suffering Upstate New York nerdy community. 

I’ve made my email publicly available for anyone that wants to back up their allegations against Chasecon, but it’s been over a day and nothing. I’ve talked to many people involved and they feel it’s over and not worth starting a boycott over.

So, to recap: 

Chasecon is good for the community and any kind of butthurt (sorry, is there a better word for it?) can be resolved without slandering the hard work Sam’s done throwing this together for us nerds.

There’s not much to do around here. Don’t ruin this for those that work hard on their cosplays, those that want to enjoy a fun event, and those working hard to make sure the event goes well.

Even if you don’t like Sam (Which, he’s pretty chill to talk to, you can prob work that out) there are tons of other people, artists and cosplayers working to make this good. You should respect them and their work, too.

I have a recent interview with Sam Chase on our YouTube about Chasecon, so if you want to know what he’s about, check it out. And if you feel the need to chat with me further about this, my email is doomspoons@gmail.com

❤️❤️❤️ Stay sexy, upstate nerds. Love you guys. Plz chill. 


  • What kinda of selfcentered asshole names a con after himself?

    Well looks like Chase had to get there friends to help them out of. A P.R Nightmare lolz


    • Thanks for your comment, Lilleth, but this is a positive website so if you don’t have anything to say that isn’t insulting, don’t bother. Not here to throw shit back and forth. If you have something useful/related to the post to say, please do.


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