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june 2016 yumetwins box

Hello!!! I LOVE cute things so please enjoy watching me show off cute things that came in the FIRST EVER Yumetwins box. You get to see a cute cat, too. If you want to get this cute box go to, I’d recommend it because LOOK AT ALL THE CUTE THINGS I GOT. Sorry for the lame quality video, I spend all

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Local Cons Vs. Far Away Cons

Sooooo y’all know I go to like, every local con around here and a few far away cons a year (this year I went to Anime Fan Fest in NJ, Connecticon in two weeks & NYCC in October). Though both nerdy & fun, they’re really different experiences. Also I wonder if other places have a small con scene like Upstate

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Summer Jams 2016

Hey cool cats! Jake Flo here and Im layin down some rad tunes to get your funky fresh summer kickin off right! Got four albums in four flavors to appeal to your summer jam needs so get ready for a nice fluffy post! First off is new tracks from Weezer’s White Album. this whole album just encapsulates what summers all

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