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A Bizarre Classic:Stardust Crusaders

“The reason you lost is because you pissed me off.”  -Jotaro Kujo When Viz media first announced that they would be releasing the Jojonium versions of parts 1 through 3 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, I was immediately ecstatic. Not only are these editions of Hirohiko Araki’s magnum opus presented in beautiful hardcover volumes, they feature new artwork for the covers

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neopets advent calender dec 1-7

It’s That Time Of Year Again. I love Neopets and I don’t hate Christmas. Actually, I think I live the rest of the year waiting for the Neopets Advent Calendar. Flash animation touches parts of my heart that I often forget exist and free cool lil’ Christmas items in my Neopets inventory has kept me in Neopia every December for

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