Scattered Rollers Charity Stream

I love Dungeons and Dragons in every form it comes in. I love playing, watching and cosplaying D&D. This is why I am here right now supporting the D&D Twitch streamers Scattered Rollers and their first charity stream.

I bet your wondering who are the Scattered Rollers. Well, Scattered Rollers are a group of friends that stream Dungeons and Dragons every Wednesday 8pm eastern time on Twitch. The stream features players from around the U.S. and they play the Tal’dorei campaign guide with some homebrew rules surrounding magic in the story that they are telling. With a variety of player characters and an interesting story, I pride myself in being a fan of the Queens Congress and Scattered Rollers and I’m excited to see whatever they do next. If you would like to learn more about them you can check them out on their website


Scattered Rollers are doing a charity stream November 21st through 23rd supporting the Guide Dog Foundation. The Guide Dog Foundation is a non-profit organization that for 70 years has successfully trained guide dogs, FREE of charge, for people who are blind or have visual disabilities and are in need of the services that they offer. The Scattered Rollers picked this non-profit organization to help with their very first charity live stream because it takes over $50,000 to breed, raise, train, and place one guide dog and The Guide Dog Foundation runs on the contributions that it receives from individual donors, corporations, foundations, service clubs, and events to fund its efforts to keep their services free to their clients. When asked why they chose this foundation to support for their charity stream they replied “The cause is important to us because we believe that not only should a guide dog be provided to someone in need of them, but they both also gain a life long companion”

The Charity stream that Scattered Rollers are calling Scattered paws will be a three-day-long stream packed with epic games, D&D one-shots, giveaways, and much more; all with the hope of raising $6,000 for the Guide Dog Foundation. During the stream, you will see sponsors, the players, the dungeon masters, new faces, old faces, and shenanigans you wouldn’t believe!

You can donate to the charity here Scattered Paws

Sponsors for the Scattered Paws Charity stream that are participating in the giveaways are listed below.