JUST A BUNCH OF INVISIBLE CATS BEING INTERESTING? invisible cat patrol is a blog shared by friends about anime, conventions, videogames, fashion, manga and all things cool and nerdy or whatever! also we love cats.

contact info @invisicatpatrol on twitter dot com or email officialinvisiblecatpatrol@gmail.com 


@j3nnard head vampire. retrogaming/cosplay wizard. posts fun things the whole family can enjoy. j3nnard on twitter

                                @midnightroguecosplays cosplayer and writer! find lily on instagram, facebook and at conventions

@precursorhero Jake Flo, nerdy and fabulous. jakeflo on twitter dot com

@troutyogurt johnny ketchum emo music king. twitter: johnnyketchum

                  @midnightssmile or MadAliceCries; charity, cosplayer, artist & dragon lover


@NinkaKiwi Kyle Ellsworth Certified Waifu Inspector

@lasttimel0rd kyle, cosplayer, photo taker and other stuff. lasttimel0rd on twitter dot com

@jeremeyoung real & strong and a friend

@fuzzgoddess creator of the beautiful comic, STRAYS. read it because it is great ~

@dividedbyz3r0 benjamin robison. artist/photographer/forgets and leaves the stove on a lot

@localxwizard music and video games and things! very cool! localxwizard on twitter

@quinnreilly resident MUSICIAN with good OPINIONS. qreilly21 on twitter

@iantothemax postin’ the good reads. thank you IAN TO THE MAX you are great



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