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2019 D&D Excitement!!!

D&D is one of my more expensive hobbies. It sits right under cosplay as one of the things I spend most of my money on.  I can tell you with everything coming out this year that won’t change at all because so much cool stuff is being released this year and I want all of them. With everything that was

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Dungeons & Dragons Descended to Hell and Back with Successful Weekend at D&D Live 2019

LOS ANGELES, Ca. – May 20, 2019 – The D&D community turned its many eyes to a studio in Los Angeles to watch the unveiling of a devilish new storyline to explore through an immersive in-person experience. Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus is the adventure everyone will be playing when it releases everywhere September 17, but D&D revealed even more stuff descending this

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D&D Live 2019: The Descent

LOS ANGELES, CA. – May 17, 2019 – Starting TODAY at 2pm PDT, the many eyes of the Dungeons & Dragons community will be focused on D&D Live 2019: The Descent as they get their first glimpse of the 2019 storyline. D&D Live 2019 is an immersive experience even more ambitious than 2018’s award-winning Stream of Many Eyes portraying iconic characters from one of the most

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