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manga: my pathetic vampire life

FINALLY A MANGA I can relate to. My Pathetic Vampire life is about teenage boy Koide who was turned into a vampire at age 16. 133 years ago. After that much time, his life has gotten boring and pathetic. BUT HE HAS HIGH HOPES FOR THIS YEAR. Well, maybe not high hopes, maybe just hopes.    To control vampires, the

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manga: time stranger kyoko vol 1

ARINA TANEMURA’s current running manga Idol Dreams is REALLY GOOD, so I thought I’d check out her older stuff. It wasn’t hard to find, because I work in a store that occasionally sells old manga and luckily, Time Stranger Kyoko was there. It’s another magical girl title, and it’s WORTH IT if you like things like Tokyo Mew Mew or

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manga: idol dreams volume 3

It’s Idol Dreams time again ~ and I’m very excited. I get really impatient when books take a long time time come out, but this one is worth it. In case you don’t remember/haven’t been reading it, Idol Dreams is about 31 year old Chikage Deguchi, a cute lonely adult woman with a lot of regrets in her life. A

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