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Rental stores in the 1980’s and a lost personal connection to popular media.

Hey everyone. Β It’s been a while since I published anything on Invisible Cat Patrol, but something that has been on my mind a lot recently that I wanted to take time to put down in words, so here we are. Β My apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes, grammar errors, or incomplete thoughts. Β I don’t have the luxury of time

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The Genius of Drakengard and Nier

While playing Nier Automata, the latest and greatest from genius director Yoko Taro and the experts at Platinum games, I felt a wide variety of emotions, but most interesting was that of existentialism. Existentialism is a… weird emotion to get from a game. Generally one plays video games for fun, or uses it for a de-stressor. Overall, I’ve been a

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