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manga: idol dreams volume 3

It’s Idol Dreams time again ~ and I’m very excited. I get really impatient when books take a long time time come out, but this one is worth it. In case you don’t remember/haven’t been reading it, Idol Dreams is about 31 year old Chikage Deguchi, a cute lonely adult woman with a lot of regrets in her life. A

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manga: idol dreams volume 2

Hey!!! So I def mentioned Idol Dreams before back when I first read Volume 1, and I’m still in love with it. For anyone that liked any teen girl drama manga (Like Peach Girl) this is totally the new manga series for you. It’s a good magical girl series for adults. Weeeeellll, not exactly magical girl, but it has that

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manga: idol dreams

Hey!! I just finished up reading the ~new~ manga Idol Dreams and it was gooooooood. It’s about a 31-year-old woman who thinks she’s lived life all wrong – so she takes an experimental drug every day that turns her into a 15 year old. Random events after that cause her to become a new teen idol. Basically it’s a magical

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