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The Genius of Drakengard and Nier

While playing Nier Automata, the latest and greatest from genius director Yoko Taro and the experts at Platinum games, I felt a wide variety of emotions, but most interesting was that of existentialism. Existentialism is a… weird emotion to get from a game. Generally one plays video games for fun, or uses it for a de-stressor. Overall, I’ve been a

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RETROGAMECON in one week, boys

TIME FOR the last convention I’m attending this year, and that’s RetroGameCon. RetroGameCon is a two day long convention taking place in Syracuse, NY, and it’s going to be WILD. I’m so excited. They have a great lineup of guests, performances, panels, and wow, GAMES. Also their VIP package looks really rad and it’s really, really affordable. AND PLUS, VIDEOGAMES??!??!?!

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