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waifu: miia

If you’re familiar with Monster Musume, then you’ve probably picked a fav Monster Girl. If you’ve picked anyone but Miia, you’re wrong. Miia the Lamia (Snake Girl) is not only gorgeous but out of the monster girls featured in the series, she’s the most interesting. Lemme’ tell you about my snake wife.

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Waifu: Hestia

Been a while since the last Waifu post, so here’s a real cutie: Hestia from Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?.Β What makes Hestia really great is her loyalty to the main character, Bell. Hestia is a goddess and Bell Cranel is in her familia, and she cares a lot for him. Sometimes so much

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Waifu: Sailor Venus

Haven’t done a Waifu post in a while, so I’ll talk about the most mature of the original Sailor Scouts, Sailor V. Sailor Venus was the first Sailor Scout. Not the first one we got to know, that was Sailor Moon, but before Sailor Moon even knew what was going on, Sailor V was there, fighting crime. Why is she

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